Janice Saks, President
Janice Saks, President
Bill Langele,
Church Treasurer
Bill Langele, Church Treasurer
Adrian Mary Charniak, Facilitator/Gift of Hope
Adrian Mary Charniak, Facilitator/Gift of Hope
Samantha (Sam) Flores,
Church Secretary
Samantha (Sam) Flores, Church Secretary
Kate Nir, Music Director
Kate Nir, Music Director

From Kate Nir, Music Director:
    When I heard Trinity’s Choir singing, I realized how much I had missed making music with a choir at the church after a year of leave from church service. When I heard Trinity’s congregation singing hymns for my first service at Trinity, I felt as if I were lifted up in the air. I hope to bring to Trinity Community Church new, joyful and various styles of spiritual music I have learned in past years, while maintaining the great tradition Trinity has built throughout its history. 

     As I was growing up in Japan, hymns were songs I sang at church. Since I came to the U.S. over 25 years ago, they became music I played on the piano at church. It is working very well since I have and will always have trouble singing in English. But the fact that I can keep making music through hymns at church is a pure blessing from Heaven. I currently teach at the Music Institute of Chicago in Wilmette.
     I would like to say thanks to every single peson at Trinity, not only for the opportunity to be in your community through music, but also for your kindness to forgive my mistakes (yes, I have started playing the tune when it was not the time…) …and great food after the service!
     A BIG Thanks to our other musicians… Big Ray on Clarinet, John on Conga (African Drums),  Michael on Drums, and Char D leading the Children's Choir.